Y Fork, Trailer Saver Additional Full Cover Padding

It is know by many different names (Y-Fork, Transom Saver, Trailer Saver) depending on what part of the World you are in.

It is a device used to protect the boat’s transom form being damaged as the motor is bouncing when the boat is being towed. Some are simple metal poles but more recently they have incorporated a shock absorber for better protection

Below are a couple of examples and how they are fitted.


The diagram below shows how the extra padding option works in our Full cover. As the cover sits between the motor and the fork there needs to be some extra padding. This will not only help protect the cover fabric but also the leg zip.

It is also sensible to strap the motor leg to the Y fork to stop it rubbing and wearing through the cover.


This is a cover showing where the padding goes. We will make this the same colour as the cover.yfork-example