Ultrasonic Cleaning

carbsCarburettors and jets are best cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner, mainly because, ultrasonic cleaners are designed to degrease metal parts quickly and effectively. Carburettors and jets usually get gummed with a gas varnish, or shellac, that is very difficult to clean with a brush or carburettor cleaner in spray as varnish accumulates in tiny orifices that are impossible to reach.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Cleaning 

  • Cleans delicate parts without damage 
  • Cleans small apertures, blind holes, and crevices 
  • Cleans sensitive parts (wiring, plastics) with
    relatively mild chemistries 
  • Uses no solvents 
  • Safe for aluminum, magnesium and zinc
  • Biodegradable cleaner
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