Sailing Centres

We have got special maintenance programs for Sailing Centres and Clubs, We offer top quality service and value for money.
This Package was put together having in mind all Sailing centres needs.


  • We Are Mobile
    You do not have to go anywhere, we come to you saving you money and time.
  • Service and Maintenance
    You will have a maintenance schedule, so you will never have to worry about when you last serviced your engines.
  • No Call Out Fees
    When things go wrong, the last thing you want is pay extra for it, being our client you will not have to pay any call out fees.
  • Your Own Page In Our Website
    Where we are going to store all your invoices, pro formas, engine history and etc, all protected with password.*
  • Know How Much It Is Going To Cost In Advance
    Every year we will send you an agreed Maintenance Cost in order to make it easier for you to keep track of your expenses.
  • This And Much more..

Call us on 07791-226768 or contact us.


* Once you have entered the right password in a computer, you will be given granted access to the page, so next time you access the page you will not have to type it again, if you have accessed it in a public computer, you can easily contact us in order to change the password.